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The 14th International Saga Conference Uppsala, 9th–15th August 2009 – Volume 1


Across the North Sea and Back Again – A Comparative Study between the Cults of St. Olav and St. Edmund by Samuel Patrick Bidwell

An Encapsulation of Odinn – Religious Belief and Ritual Practice Among the Viking Age Elite with Particular Focus Upon the Practice of Ritual Hanging 500 -1050 AD by Douglas Robert Dutton

Are You Thor the God of Hammers – Mixing the Posthuman and Old Norse Mythology in Thor: Ragnarok by Nóra Máthé

Assessing and Understanding Hospitality by Robert Biswas-Diener

 Austrvega Saga Conference 2009


Barar Saga as a Source for Reconstruction of Pre-Christian Religion

Biblical Allusions in Sverris saga


The Cambridge History of Scandinavia Vol 1. Prehistory to 1520

Children of a One-Eyed God – Impairment in the Myth and Memory of Medival Scandanavia

Configurations of Religion  in Late Iron Age and Viking Age Scandanavia 

The Cult of St Olaf and Early Novgorod


Dialogues with the Dead in Vikings

Discrimination and Modern Paganism – A Study of Religion and Contemporary Social Climate by Hoadley B. Phil


Eddas and Sagas of Iceland

Eddic Poetry as Oral Poetry The Evidence of Parallel Passages in the Helgi Poems for Questions of Composition and Performance

Eddic to English – A Survey of English Language Translations of THE POETIC EDDA


Female Cultic Leaders and Religious Rituals

Fragments of the past-How to Study Old Norse Religion

From the Mouth of Odinn – A New Translation of Havamal


Gender Assignment in Old Norse 

The Gift-Giving Circle – The Key to the Relationship Between Men and Gods

The Gift of Being Needed Protestantism and the Double-Edged Sword of Hospitality

Gift, Sale, Payment, Raid: Case Studies in the Negotiation and Classification of Exchange in Medieval Iceland


Havamal and Sources Outside Scandinavia

Hávamál – The Exalted Speech –  A look into the Cosmos of the Edda

Hávamál – Viking Words of Wisdom

Heroes, Bones, Stones, and Stories From Dark  Age Britain 

Hesiod and Hávamál Transitions and the Transmission of Wisdom

Historical Dictionary of the Vikings

History of the Trolls –  Bardar Saga


Introduction to Runes and Triads

Introspection within Havamal


Learning from the Vikings Havamal and occupational rehabilitation

Loki Sneglu Halla thattr and the Case for the case for Skaldic Prodaics


Magical Music in Old Norse Literature

Men and Womens Magic Seidr Gender and Ergi

Myth to live by in Sonatorrek

Mythic and Real Spaces in the Havamal


Norse Anthropomorphism


Odin and Merlin Threefold Death and the World Tree

Odin’s Wife – Mother Earth in Germanic Myth – Jorð, Thor’s Mother

Once We Lived Like the Gods – Holderlin’s Justification of Death


Palaeoeuropean Languages and Epigraphies Germanic:  The Runes


Reasonings on the Havamal

The Rok Runestone and the End of the World

Runes Around the North Sea and on the Continent- AD 150-700


Saint Olave King of Norway Olav den Hellige

Scolding the Skald The Construction of Cultural Memory

The Season of the Disir – The Winter Night

Sex, Status, and Seidh: Homosexuality and Germanic Religion

The Social and Cultural Contexts of Historic Writing Practices


Understanding Diversity in Old Norse Religion – Taking Thor as a Case Study 


The Viking Age and the Scandinavian Peace


When the Clocks Have Melted –  The Unnatural Temporalities of the Völuspá

Wyrd, Webs, and Woven Words: Archetypal Expressions of Fate in Classical, Celtic, and Norse Mythology

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