The Hávamál

The Hávamál, or ‘Words of Hávi [the High One]’) is presented as a single poem in the Codex Regius, a collection of Old Norse poems from the Viking age. The poem, itself a combination of numerous shorter poems, is largely gnomic, presenting advice for living, proper conduct and wisdom. It is considered an important source of Old Norse philosophy.

The verses are attributed to Odin; a heterogeneous collection of 164 stanzas of aphorisms, homely wisdom, counsels, and magic charms. It is regarded as one of the most important sources of Old Norse philosophy, from the days of old, until now.

Table of Contents


Alan Chisholm’s Translation of the Hávamál 

Auden & Taylor’s Translation of the Hávamál 

Benjamin Thorpe’s Translation of the Hávamál 

David A. H. Evans’ Translation of the Hávamál 

From The Mouth of Odin – Douglas Dutton’s Translation of the Hávamál 

H.A. Bellows’s Translation of the Hávamál 

Lee M. Hollander’s Translation of the Hávamál 

Olive Bray’s Translation of the Hávamál 

Patricia Terry’s Translation of the Hávamál 

Other Languages

French – Les Dits du Très-Haut

(Traduction de Régis Boyer)

Spanish – Hávamál (Palavras do Altíssimo)


Hávamál: The Norse Poem of Odin’s Wisdom by Dr. Jackson Crawford

An introduction to Hávamál, one of the most important surviving works of Norse mythology.

The Hávamál in Old Norse, with runes, translation, and commentary by Dr. Jackson Crawford

The complete text of Hávamál in the original Old Norse from the Codex Regius manuscript, together with speculative runes (Younger Futhark), and English explanations and translation.

The Mysterious Origins of Odin’s Havamal by Ocean Keltoi

In this video we jump into the origins of the Havamal, also known as the Words of Odin, and the parts of the text that can help us find those mysterious origins.


Comparative Study of Thorpe, Bellows, Hollander and Auden-Taylor

author unknown

Reasonings on the Havamal

by Hiram Crespo

Havamal: Viking Words of Wisdom

by Dark Ages Recreation Company

Havamal and Sources Outside Scandinavia

by The Viking Society for Northern Research

Havamal – The Exalted Speech: A Look into the Cosmos of the Edda for the Study of Mysticism and Religious Experience

by Haakon Fyhn

Hesiod and Havamal:  Transitions and the Transmission of Wisdom

By Lilah Grace Canevaro

Introspection in a sequence of Hávamál stanzas   

By Yves Kodratoff

Learning from the Vikings: Havamal and Occupational Rehabilitation

by Desmond O’Niell

‘Myth to Live By’ in Sonatorrek

By Joseph Harris 

Mythic and Real Spaces in the Havamal and Other Topics

The Sixteenth International Saga Conference
Sagas and Space

Reasonings on the Havamal

Society of Epicurus

The Gift Giving Circle
The key to the relationship between men and gods

By Farkas Vendel

The Gift of Being Needed – Protestantism and the Double-Edged
Sword of Hospitality

By Thomas Hylland Eriksen

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