Affiliated Kindreds

Awaken the North is proud to affiliate our efforts with local, grassroots kindreds, offering several benefits for both groups! The Kindreds listed below are proud members of our Kindred Affiliation program. If you would like mroe information, please contact our Chair of the Kindred Affiliation program via email here.

The Fellson Kindred

We are a norse pagan/ Heathen/ Asatru kindred. We seek to create a safe community where people can learn, explore and practice the norse pagan beliefs. At the moment we are working on becoming an affiliated kindred of Awaken the North. 

Location: We are mostly based in northern wyoming (Sheridan and Buffalo) with members in texas serving in the forces.

Established: 2021 

Mission: For those that haven’t found their spiritual path yet, we look to act as guide to our best ability. Share our knowledge of our way of life and beliefs. Everone’s journey is different. While you find the right path for you, your welcome to travel with us until our journey take us different way. For those who have heard the call of the gods, we look to create a safe, supportive place to learn about, discuss, and practice our beliefs in the Norse gods. But we don’t want to limit the support of the community to only belief based challenges, we want to help you face all of the challenges life has to offer.

Vision: We want to create a community. Not just group you see online. A place of respect. A place you can go to for support, advice, or just an ear if that’s what you need. A place to practice our belief and veneration of the Norse gods. Help everyone on their life and spiritual journey. A community to go to share your challenges and celebrate your victories over them with.

Values: We place people first. To build a safe place where people are free to ask, learn, discuss, we have a zero tolerance policy against discrimination due to age, race, gender, ability, nationality, sexual orientation, faith or creed. Just as Odin is the All Father, the title doesn’t discriminate. Neither shall we.

The Healing Grove

The Healing Grove Community Kindred is a norse pagan kindred based in Fort McCoy, Florida. We welcome all beliefs that respect the earth and believe that there is no one way to show devotion to the gods and spirits of the world.

Location: Fort McCoy, Florida, USA

Established: 2019


Mission: The Healing Grove Community Kindred is an all-inclusive, zero Hate tolerance, group of Heathens who have come together in solidarity and frith to honor and worship the Norse Pantheon. 

Vision: The Healing Grove Community Kindred envisions a safe space for all, where we may learn, grow, and support each other on our spiritual walks through Heathenry, dedicated to the worship and veneration of the Old Gods. 

Values: The Healing Grove Community Kindred accepts people from all walks of life regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, ability, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, race, faith, or creed. We embrace our differences and celebrate the uniqueness of others. With a strong Zero Hate tolerance, The Healing Grove will not stand for racism, bigotry, or xenophobia of any kind.

If you are interested in visiting with us and petitioning for membership please visit the link below and fill out a membership form. 

Tveir Hrafn

Tveir Hrafn is a Norse pagan-based kindred in Southwest Missouri, with a growing celebration space in Exeter. We are an all-inclusive study-based group revitalizing the old ways in our practices. We honor each individual’s right to practice, study and worship as it fits into their life personally. We honor the laws of nature and the universe while studying the knowledge left behind by our ancestors and those that study the historic remnants of such.

Location: Southwest Missouri. 

Established: 2022

Mission: Tveir Hrafn is an all-inclusive, zero hate tolerance group of heathens whom, together enjoy studying the old ways and practice the revitalization of the honoring of the Norse Pantheon and the natural laws of life. We offer safe space to learn and practice to anyone interested in learning. 

Vision: Tveir Hrafn is dedicated to the learning aspect of the Norse ways and utilizing this information in our modern times as it fits our individual lives and practices. We are an All-inclusive safe space to support and grow through our heathen practices and revitalization of the worship and practices of the old ways. Honoring the Gods, The earth and each other.

Values: Equality, education and honoring of all life on this sacred Earth. We accept ANY and ALL open-minded people with the desire to learn and grow in a kindred of likeminded souls. We venerate the Old Gods as well as the practices of honoring the earth and all living creatures. We create a safe space for Heathens, and their families to share their practices with their families and their kindred.

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