Kaupmaðr Félag (Fellowship of Merchants)

Kaupmaðr Félag

Fellowship of Merchants

Welcome to Awaken the North’s Kaupmaðr Félag! This term translates from Old Norse to “Fellowship of Merchants”, and is a place to see the wares and offerings of some of the finest Heathen craftsmen in the world. Please visit the businesses listed below and help support our brothers and sisters!

If you would like to have your business participate in Kaupmaðr Félag, please submit an application for review by clicking the button below.

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Whether it’s a Heathen, Pagan, Geek, or Nerdy, we have the perfect gift for all your shopping needs! From custom clothing to dice sets to runes. We have it all. Everything is custom made by hand here in our shop, and custom orders are more than welcome!

At BindStones, I combine natural materials for maximum beauty and power. Jewelry and objects of interest. Thank you for supporting Awaken the North, where we work toward a more beautiful, interesting, and fair Midgard.

Wyrtgælstre creating traditional and authentic heathen wares Specializing in Norse, Old Saxon Heathenry as well as Norse Shamanic ritual tools.

Hardcore herbwitch creating Heathen wares and honouring my ancestors through the creation of hand made, traditional wares in honour of my ancestors. Keeping the old ways alive and following the herbal path. Here you will find no chemicals, no crap and no hard sell. Blessings to your home and hearth!!

A maker of things, many things, varying on weirdness. Some are useful, some are dust collectors. All are unique. Contact me with any questions or orders.

We are a husband and wife partnership creating handcrafted goods and fine arts as part of a larger purpose to live as independently and responsibly on our piece of the earth as we can.

Aric Jorn is a narrative artist whose mission is to explore, preserve and share Norse mythology and culture of the Viking Age. Through his sculptures, he seeks to interpret the continued relevance of the culture and myths to a modern audience.

I’m an intuitive empath that specializes in reading bones. I also practice bibliomancy and dowsing. In most of my readings, I use a combination of these techniques.

Heathen/Norse Pagan inspired wood creations. All hand made, cut, and painted! Contact us to discuss your next addition to your home!


Lady Galaxy has been a professional artist and performer for more than 25 years. Paintings are created using stock tip Krylon Spray Paint and recycled objects. Galaxy specializes in fantasy landscapes and rune paintings. Choose from hundreds of designs or work with her personally to create your own unique design. Also available are personal readings done through dreamscape art! Contact for details and pricing. Discounts for mentioning AtN.
Unique handcrafted wood turnings for the home.

Runes, tonics, and discs inspired by Norse culture

Handmade jewelry, artwork, altar items, herbal tea blends, chime candles, handmade metaphysical supplies and Gemstone towers, orbs and rough tumbles.
I do custom orders on jewelry as well as custom spell boxes and intention boxes. I will be adding more items as I complete them. I also provide spiritual services, tarot and pendulum readings. Recently ordained as a celebrant. I can also perform several ceremonies as well as Couples and marriage counseling

Mjlonir necklaces, carved pendants, candle holders, altar statues and more!

Hello Jabberwockie Darlings!

Here is just a little about me, Alice. I am a budding social historian with a deep passion for fashion history in particular ranging from 500 AD to 1970 AD. I absolutely love, love, love, getting my hands dirty and trying to make items, foods, and clothes from across time to experience a bit of wonder and get just a taste of what it might have been like. Nothing makes me smile more then taking those findings, experiments, triumphs and even the utter failures here to share with you all as we navigate this crazy upside down world we live in.


The Burnished Raven Co. is a Norse Pagan metaphysical retail shop located in Bloomington, Indiana. Seeking to fill the need to have a place for community within the Norse Pagan Religion. The shop was created to put focus on the needs of the community itself. The Burnished Raven welcomes all peoples, regardless of orientation, race, or background. We consider ourselves a Pro-LGBTQ and Pro-POC organization. We strive to serve the community while educating at the same time.

Follow daily for teaching of the runic ways of the great northmen.

An array of handcrafted witchy items made by The Spirit Witch

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