Our Emissaries

Awaken the North's Emissary Program!

What is an Emissary?
An emissary is often a person who is sent somewhere in order to act as a representative. The key in that sentence is sent; “emissary” derives from Latin “emissus“, the past participle of the verb emittere, meaning “to send out.” By the early 17th century, it was a commonly seen and heard word.
Here at Awaken the North, our Emissaries are an elite team of individuals who have been specially trained to represent Awaken the North in their local communities. Their duties include: hosting informational booths at the local faires and gatherings like Pagan Pride and Cons, hosting meet-n-greets at local pubs and parks, coordinating special events like blots and sumbles, book clubs, and many other exciting events!
With the world the way it is, some of our Emissaries even host online events, like book readings, and Q&A sessions! Online ceremonies are even a thing!
If you’d like to meet your local Emissary, check the map below to see who is in your area. If you’d like to apply to become an Emissary, click the Apply button!

Where is my Emissary?

Hover over the AtN icon closest to your location to see the name and contact info for your local Emissary! Don’t see one local to you? Apply to become one yourself!

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